Narrowband (NB-IoT) Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Edge Computing capability

• Self-Internet Supported.
• Voice-Over.
• Cloud and Mobile App.


SKIQ @ CES 2018

SKIQ Smart House Eco System

A smart device without a reliable and seamless internet connection is worthless.

With that in mind we have developed the SKIQ to make sure you maintain a seamless Internet connection at all times. SKIQ provides a 24/7 redundancy failover Internet connection. When SKIQ detects your cable/ADSL connection has failed, SKIQ will immediately move over to the cellular system to ensure you maintain a seamless Internet connection.

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Tri Cascade’s Vision

Our way of life is changing rapidly and technology is moving far ahead of us. Practically everything is purchased, viewed, and sent digitally; it’s all ‘in the air.’ On a daily basis, we hold some sort of smart device in our hands, but we don’t necessarily live ‘smart.’ Tri Cascade envisions a smart way of managing our home with a simple touch on your handheld smart devices. Data and control features remain in the cloud and follow us wherever we go. Our goal is to bring energy management into Home Automation and focus on solutions.

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