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Smart Air

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor pollutant levels are often 2-5 times worse than outdoors, and sometimes as much as 100 times worse, according to the EPA. IAQ is a part of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), which also includes noise, light quality, vibration, thermal comfort, and smells.

Health effect
Short term effects can be lethargy, difficulty making decisions, sleepiness, and more. Long term effects can be allergies, asthma, various respiratory issues, shortened lifespans, and even cancer in extreme cases.

PM 2.5 – Particulate Matter

In 1997, PM2.5 for the first time into the US national standard, but also make the United States to become the United States is the world’s first to join the national standard PM2.5, when the PM2.5 concentration limit for the average annual concentration of 15μg / m3 .

Until 2000, the United States PM2.5 monitoring network was gradually established. In 2006, the United States changed the standard, PM2.5 annual average concentration limit is still 15μg / m3.

Until 2012, the United States announced the latest standards, lowered the PM2.5 concentration limit, 24-hour concentration at 12μg / m3, the air quality was excellent.

IAQ Pollutants

when CO2 concentrations get high, it is a sign that the air inside a building is stagnant

This comes from incomplete combustion.

VOCs – Just call these chemical pollutants. They are chemicals that evaporate at low temperatures, meaning room temperature, so they go into the air. They also tend to be stronger when the humidity is high, like in a basement

Very small particles, below 2.5 microns, are small enough to go right into your lungs and directly into your bloodstream. Particles 10 microns and under get into your body at least.

VOCs are released much more quickly at higher humidity levels. Mold starts growing around 50% relative humidity, depending on the strain, around 65% there are very high odds it is growing, and at 80% and above it can multiply very quickly.

i-BRIGHT AIR (indoor) Features:

• Dynamic range suitable from Starlight level to Sunny 0~80000Lux
• Measure room temperature from 14˚F to 140 ˚F
• Measure relative humidity from 10% to 99%RH
• Measurement sensitivity at 1 ˚F
• Measure room carbon dioxide level from 400 ppm to 2000ppm
• Measure room PM2.5 level from 0 ppm to 500ug/sqm

• Measure room PM2.5 level from 0 ppm to 500ug/sqm
• Measure room TVOC level from 0 ppb to 1000 ppb.
• Measure room HCHO level from 0 to 1 mg/m3
• Measurement accuracy at ±5%
• Full Color 2” TFT LCD Display
• Input Power 5V/1A micro USB