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About Tri Cascade, Inc. – Newport Beach, CA.

Founded in May 2010, Tri Cascade, Inc. is committed to developing innovative Internet of Things convergent technologies and products to reduce energy costs and empower the end user for smarter and safer living. Leveraging its extensive experience in energy management, wireless networking, and home and B2B automation and device control systems, Tri Cascade focuses on bringing leading edge Wi-Fi and ZigBee machine-to-machine wireless innovations for smart energy management to both residential and commercial markets. Tri Cascade aims to use the Internet of Things to make cities dynamic and responsive to energy demands and sudden energy spikes.

Tri Cascade’s first product release is the i-BRIGHT™7x Smart Surge Protector, a Wi-Fi-enabled home energy management tool embedded with online scheduling and power consumption metering on the Microsoft® Cloud. Through its own proprietary BRIGHTenergy™ Cloud system, Tri Cascade has developed a new technology platform that will empower the consumer to curb energy expenditures, resulting in money savings.

In the last three years, Tri Cascade established an entire system and product roadmap to address energy control and monitoring under the existing home or business wireless network environment. The product roadmap to date includes: smart thermostats, and Wi-Fi (M2M) & ZigBee enabled plugs and switches that operate in Internet wireless mesh network. These products address retrofitting for existing and new construction office, residential, multi-family, manufacturing, or public service government buildings.