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About Tri Cascade, Inc. – Newport Beach, CA.

Tri Cascade, Inc. is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company focused on providing complete in-home IoT solutions embedded with predictive energy management technology through machine-to-machine (M2M) learning and data analytics. Tri Cascade, Inc. solutions feature unrivaled connectivity with NB IoT and Wi-Fi M2M for home and commercial premises.  In addition, Tri Cascade provides self-learning intelligence to optimize daily energy consumption and empower the mobility of home device management. The company is dedicated to smart IoT system and Smart community innovation and service via strategic partner relationships and distribution channels.

The Tri Cascade IoT B2B Cloud platform includes the BRIGHTconnect™ IoT Cloud System and IoT devices (NB-IoT thermostat, smart outlets, light switch/dimmer, and others) along with the AI advanced IoT temperature system. The entire IoT eco system will feature mesh networking and centralized edge computing via Thermoring – the NB-IoT thermostat (a self-Internet IoT gateway). Tri Cascade’s technology empowers consumers to monitor and change their energy usage and household behavior to become more energy efficient.

Tri Cascade is dedicated to delivering on a vision for smart city and smart neighborhood IoT technology controlled by a simple touch on handheld devices. Data and control features remain in the cloud and follow the user wherever they go. Tri Cascade’s mission is to bring energy management into home automation and focus on developing eco-solutions rather than products.