i.VA Product Sheet

i.VA innovative design (patent pending) to fit with the regular construction light switch electrical box mounting on construction lumber, the design of i.VA is a completely different mindset than any other voice device in the market today, it is simple as you install a light switch on the wall. i.VA doesn’t require an AC adapter power sourcing from the outlet. The unique concept of i.VA makes the voice becomes part of the house delivering the new cord cutting concept essentially transforms the house into a smart device by itself – A voice supported house. i.VA is compliant with ADA builder requirements.

Embedded into the house during the construction phase

TRI-Artificial Intelligence system with facial, voice recognition and body temperature with motion detection

Cord Cutting Technology, no additional cables or AC adapters needed, increasing the aesthetics of the house

Hands Free simply controlled by voice turningthe entire house into a voice activated house

i.VA integrated with the latest voice speech recognition technology, “Human Parity” is achieved. i.VA can transcribe conversational speech — or at least, as best as professional human transcriptionists (which is better than most). Based on the new partnership with Microsoft and Amazon Alexa, i.VA users will be able to manage their Amazon Alexa devices through i.VA with a simple command, “Hi, i.VA, open Alexa”. Talk to your house with i.VA’s voice-activated smart-house system. Whole house voice activation, not just when in front of a device.

IoT 2-way Messaging is enabled when the THERMORING® is paired with Tri Cascade’s BRIGHTConnect APP integrating seemlessly with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This device-to-cloud connection allows real-time readings such as current temperature and humidity. The App can receive notifications providing instant feedback on current conditions. The user can then send commands to alter the environmental controls from anywhere in the world.

i.VA provides the added innovative security concept that is priceless in today’s world. Utilize i.VA’s Microsoft VISION A.I technology to create a database so that i.VA can get to know your family members By utilizing voice and facial recognition, along with human body temperature detection, i.VA can not only distinguish various individuals, but also identify potentially dangerous hazards, such as a fire or a home invasion. Thus, alerting the consumer. i.VA’s TRI-intelligence system determines whether the system should be set as “AWAY” or “AT HOME” mode. Live comfortably without the worry of programming, memorizing, or completing any complex routines to get your house to function properly.

i.VA functions without the need of an AC adaptor, eliminating the need for wires and/or cords. With i.VA, consumer can manage their entire house, while maintaining an atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing.

i.VA, seen in white, will be installed and activated by the builder, and will connect to a smart home gateway. This version of i.VA will control the following:

  • Home climate (temperature/thermostat)
  • Lighting throughout the home
  • Power on/off all smart outlets

i.VA, seen in silver, will connect via the consumer’s router, Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection. Once connected, the consumer will be able to utilize i.VA directly with their nature voice to:

  • Operate music throughout home
  • Control home remote for entertainment and program devices
  • Operate garage door
  • Utilize Intercom
  • Download new features, when available (i.VA is a self-upgrading system)
  • Inquire to about the weather, traffic, and other important or desired information through i.VA’s artificial intelligence feature.

Tri Cascade understands the importance of the consumer’s privacy, thus internal camera installation is at the consumer’s discretion. i.VA’s camera feature will be installed by the builder in the consumer’s garage and incorporate facial and license plate recognition. Facial and license plate recognition, along with sensors and microphones within the house, will enable i.VA to determine when the house should be placed on “ALERT” mode.

If i.VA detects unusual sound or movement, while on “ALERT” mode, an automatic alert notification will be sent to the consumer on their mobile device. Once the consumer has been notified of unusual activity, the consumer will have the option to dismiss or act on the occurrence. If the consumer requests this occurrence to be dismissed, i.VA will learn the sound and/or movement for the future. If the consumer confirms that the occurrence is in fact unusual, an option to contact the proper authorities can be made available. Utilizing i.VA’s camera feature within the garage enables i.VA to notify the consumer when the garage door has been left open, through the mobile application or in-house intercom.


i.VA Hardware Specification

Wi-Fi MT7688 802.11n

  • Operation system: GNU/Linux based OpenWrt
  • Wi-Fi Network: Support Legacy 802.11b/g and HT 802.11n modes
  • Expansion: Two expansion headers for I2C, GPIO, for control LED and get motion sensor state

Voice Far Field ZL38067

  • Microphones: ST MP34DT01TR-M
  • Sensitivity: -26 dBFS (Omnidirectional)
  • Acoustic overload point: 120 dBSPL
  • SNR: 63 dB
  • Max Sample Rate: 16Khz

4 programmable RGB LED indicators

Active Thermal Sensor Grid-EYE is an 8×8 (64) pixel
infrared array sensor

Input Power AC110~240 50/60H