Delivers the 4G/LTE IoT Internet 24/7/365 – With Redundancy – to Smart Homes Worldwide

• Cord Cutting

• Mobile Broadband Mesh

• No Installation Cost

Can’t Live Without It.

With nearly half of people admitting they would rather go without food and seeing their family than miss a moment online, we’re taking a look at the way the internet and technology as a whole has changed our lives. A smart device without an Internet connection will be worthless.

24/7 Redundancy Internet

SKIQ provides a 24/7 redundancy failover Internet connection.  SKIQ can be connected to your cable/ADSL modem and in parallel subscribe to the cellular LTE Internet data service. When SKIQ detects your cable/ADSL connection has failed, SKIQ will immediately move over to the cellular system to ensure you maintain a seamless Internet connection.

The Ultimate IoT Gateway

SKIQ, the ultimate IoT high speed gateway, is a new home networking revolution with IEEE 802.11 ac dual band supported AC1900 3×3 MU-MIMO technology and 150Mbps LTE connecting speed. This unique process empowers you and your devices to finally break free of cords.

Goodbye to Messy Cables.

Technology continues to take a larger role in all of our lives.  With every passing year, we gather a growing number of incredible devices that make our lives more convenient and exciting, the number of cables we use to power them grows as well. This ever-growing conundrum has led to an omnipresent cabling eyesore almost everywhere we go. With SKIQ, we finally have a way to enjoy the technology we love without compromising the aesthetics and organization of our homes, offices, & workspaces.

Smart Devices – Always ON!

Tri Cascade IoT Smart Devices Under CAT-M IoT Network – Always On.

IoT Big Data

2nd Generation Tri Cascade KEL IoT Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Supporting 4G/LTE

and Any Other Internet Connections

Technical Specifications