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Are you tired of overpaying for your electricity bill? The statement varies from month to month and you can never truly predict how much electricity you really use. Although you may think that you’re saving money when you are not using any electronic devices, the truth is as long as the devices are plugged in to an outlet, you are getting charged for electricity! Almost all computers, computer peripherals (printers, modems, scanners, etc.) and home entertainment products (stereo, DVD player, televisions, etc.) draw an idle electrical current even after they have been turned off. Some devices still draw the same amount of power even when turned off. To alleviate this, the device needs to be physically unplugged from the wall. Using a power strip allows multiple devices to be plugged into one unit. Rather than having to unplug multiple devices, you only need to unplug (and plug back in) the power strip in this case making it a much easier process that you are more likely to remember. Tri Cascade has a solution for you: i-BRIGHT7x Smart Surge Protector that smart enough can help you manage your electricity usage, reduce your monthly electricity bill, and even set up the schedule when you want the power for your devices to be turned on and off.

The Return On Investment

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average U.S. household spends $100 per year to power devices while they are off (or in standby mode).

*Source from U.S. Department of Energy (

The Product

i-BRIGHT7x features a sleek design with a total of 7 (5 simultaneously schedulable) and (2 Always-ON) outlets, in addition 2 USB charge ports. It is equipped with disruptive Machine to Machine technology on a Wi-Fi 802.11n communication for (24 hour – 7 day) scheduling with power consumption metering. You can easily use the i-BRIGHT7x Cloud energy management system to setup the ideal schedule to turn ON or OFF the power source of the electric devices. Along with the i-BRIGHT7x, the unit is also can be managed by the BRIGHTenergy app for iPhone to empower your mobility control at any time-anywhere.

The Outlook Features

Additional Benefits

i-BRIGHT7x also provides other benefits in your daily life as:

Parental control with schedule of electronic devices including Internet usage.
Lite home security features; scheduling lights & TV on and off when we away from home.
Remote access ON & OFF with the BRIGHTenergy app for iPhone for parental control while we are away from home.
Shutting down the power source of 5 devices just with one single touch.
In addition to the i-BRIGHT7x’s 2 USB ports, you can easily fast charge 2 of your mobile devices at the same time.

Other than all the mentioned features and benefits, i-Bright7 also has equipped with a Bypass button allows you quickly access the control of the smart power outlets overwrites any already preset schedule.

Now you can have all these benefits just simply plug the i-BRIGHT7x into any your regular 120V wall outlet, is intuitive, easy to setup and use.

What You Need:
Internet Access
Wi-Fi Network
A Wi-Fi equipped computer with Web browser
iPhone Device (optional for mobile control)

Cloud Energy Management

Advanced cloud energy management system with home automation control, allowing you to schedule and remotely control the power outlets using your web browser. Here are some screen shots of the Cloud management system

A simple clean user experience design of an iPhone App allows you to control and monitor your i-BRIGHT7x activity in anywhere at any time just with a simple touch on your iPhone. You can overwrite the setup schedule with app for iPhone to have instant control to the i-BRIGHT7x as you needed. Note: The BRIGHTenergy™ app for iPhone will be available for free to download from the App Store. The BRIGHTenergy App works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C running iOS version 6 and 7.

Technical Specifications

* Specifications Subject to change without notice.